Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Library Additions

Ok, admittedly, I am not much of a hardware guy, I am more software. I have been in the software engineering biz for nearly 25 years now (holy cow!), but I am comfortable with electronics and hardware. In addition to my university physics training (way back when), I have dabbled in electronics here and there. In fact one of my first software engineering jobs, back in the late '80s, was writing hardware drivers for MIDI (basically a serial protocol) used to control electronic musical instruments. I have also done bits here and there on integrating NMEA 0183 (another serial protocol) marine electronics on our small cruising sloop in the mid to late 90's. So, I am not exactly an electronics neophite. But today I got two new books that I am checking out:

Getting Started With Arduino
Getting Started with Arduino (Make: Projects) 

A very basic book to get you started with Arduino if you have absolutely no clue about electricity or electronics and how they work. A little too basic for me, but it does contain some interesting project ideas.

Practical Arduino
Practical Arduino: Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware (Technology in Action)

A more advanced book. Packed full of projects for all different types of applications using all sorts of strange and wonderful electronic components. Learning by example generates the most creative ideas (for me at least), so having a compilation of projects like this could spur things off in a number of directions.

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