Monday, December 27, 2010

Virtual/Physical Switch Architecture: Initial Iterations

Ok, so it seems this is evolving into my own distributed power system. The potential is there in the existing hardware and software tools. I can see it. And if I can see it, then I can build it, right?

Below is a sample of how the firmware class architecture is evolving. The picture shows the class design for "boolean" switches. Both of the toggle and momentary switch variety.

The code from these classes is the code that gets "burned" onto the firmware of each host device (a type of Arduino).

There are virtual and physical versions of switch devices. Virtual switches exists entirely in code. Physical switches are the same as virtual switches, but have a related hardware input from the "real world" switch (the one you touch with your fingers).

All switches are of type "NetworkedDevice" which means each switch will be addressable/controllable on the network.

Note, this IS working in the lab. It is not just a pretty picture. I hope to post a demo video soon.

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