Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Distractions and Bricks of Electronics

So, as you have probably noticed, I have been distracted from the down and dirty Arduino stuff lately. With the warm weather, more outdoor tasks and projects are beckoning. But here is one for the labs...

In preparation for an upcoming boating trip, I have taken the opportunity to, yet again, try and tidy up the electronics cabinet on the small boat. With a cramped, and difficult to access dead space, it has been very hard to cleanly install the various radio components while avoiding a rats nest of wires. The latest attempt to address this is the "electronics brick".

This is just a simple plywood open ended box for mounting the radio components in a compact manner while keeping the connection ports available and accessible. Items mounted in the brick include

  • power buss strip, all wires cut to length and tidied with wire clamps.
  • amateur 2m/70cm radio cpu
  • amateur HF radio cpu
  • voltage booster
  • car stereo switcher unit (for things like the iPod)

It is mounted securely in the cabinet via two large machine screws and tee nuts that are easily accessible by removing a drawer from the cabinet underneath. This makes the brick easily removable to it can be brought back to the lab for wiring and programming the devices.

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