Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solar Power Stuff

Included in my ever changing "grand plan" for geeky marine electronics stuff, is solar power stuff. Specifically photovoltaics. It is still way far off, but we came across an ideal "lab rat" for portable device solar cell experimentation. From GoalZero the Escape 150 Adventure kit.

It is a small AGM battery pack, with an AC inverter and DC output,  that can be charged by AC or the included solar panel. It is fairly portable and is geared to hikers and campers for running their iPods, cell phones and laptops. Its great for emergency power and includes an LED light. 
Testing the system. Powering a light, netbook and iPhone all at once.
This is ideal to help power the small portable electronics I have in mind (but never seem to have time to work on). Cotsco is running in-store promotions of GoalZero at certain stores and selling devices for significantly less than their online prices. Check your local Costco, they may be coming there soon.

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