Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Volt DC Power Source From 24 Volts

One of the first projects is about ready to move from the lab to the boat. To prepare, a power source is needed to power the Arduino and related components, which all run on 5 volts. The primary power for the boat is 24 volts and is already wired, so a step down DC-DC power converter needs to be installed to provide the 5 volts.

A nice and relatively inexpensive device is this made in USA SuperVerter "brick". It will take 24 volts in, and output 5 volts up to 35 amps. These can be found on eBay for about $20.

As this is just a component, the people at make a handy PCB to mount the component that breaks out all of the terminals. Just solder your switches, input and output leads and voila, 5 volt power source. Powerstream sells this for $9.

The first project will be the engine room lights which will be a series of RGB LED strips powered by an arduino. More on that later.

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