Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dinette Table Riser Driver

I know some readers will think this idea is completely whacko, and it probably is. But I have had this idea on how to motorize the up/down motion of the dinette table, converting the table to a berth in seconds. The table will be cantilevered on one end and unsupported on the other. The idea involves some custom brackets, rails, bearings, lead screws, stepper motors and controllers, woodworking and aluminum welding. This idea came from experience building my CNC table. I have been slowly collecting and assembling parts for this project.

Here is the motor controller nearly finished, driving a small stepper motor.

The controller is built with...

So far, so good. Next is some woodworking for putting together the scale mockup for strength tests.

This idea can very likely fall on it's face (probably will). But I am having fun.

More later.

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