Saturday, October 13, 2012

On The Bench: Main Cabin Interior Lighting

Parts are being collected to start the lighting project that will provide lighting in the main and forward cabin salon of the boat.

The idea is to run two analog RGB LED strips under the side decks on both sides. The LED strips are 12VDC and will be controlled from an Arduino using MOSFETs to control power to the strip. The build is quite simple:
Schematic from
As it is an RGB strip, the red, green and blue elements can be controlled individually to give any color you like. Unlike the digital LED strips used to light the engine room, for which each LED in the strip can be controlled,  these analog strips are "control one/control all." That is all LEDs will get the same color.

As for programming, I plan on having multiple color modes. Perhaps: bright white illumination, warm evening "candelight" and night time vision red. Also a potentiometer to control intensity. After that, perhaps more sophisticated controls (wireless etc), who knows.
Initial Parts
Each LED strip is about fifteen feet long. Two of these should be enough to span the length of the main and forward salon.

More to come...

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