Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Main Cabin LED Lighting Module v1.0

The first revision of the main cabin LED lighting control module is done. This module will control strips of RGB (red/green/blue) LEDs for ambient lighting in the main cabin.
Control module with display and joystick

Hardware Features

  • 16x2 character backlit LCD display
  • 2 axis joystick with a press down 'click' switch
  • 12 volt powered
  • USB programmable
  • XBee wireless module 
The insides

Software Features

  • a number of preset "spectrums"
  • 16 step intensity level control
  • on/off switch


  • Push the joystick to toggle the unit on/off
  • Push the joystick up or down to increase/decrease the light intensity
  • Push the joystick left/right to cycle through the set of preset "spectrum" values.
  • The LCD display shows the current spectrum and intensity values


I searched the internet to find some sample RGB values to simulate various types of lighting:
  • "Night Vision Red"
  • "Candelight"
  • "40w Tungsten"
  • "100W Tungsten"
  • "Halogen"
  • "Carbon Arc"
  • "High Noon"
  • "Direct Sunlight"
  • "Overcast Skies"
  • "Blue Skies"
  • "Warm Flrscnt"
  • "Standard Flrscnt"
  • "Cool Wht Flrscnt"
  • "Full Spec Flrscnt"
  • "Grow Lt Flrscnt"
  • "Black Lt Flrscnt"
  • "Mercury Vapor"
  • "Sodium Vapor"
  • "Metal Halide"
  • "Hi-pressure sodium"
Some of these don't really work on this LED strip, as in your eye can't tell the difference between some values. These values can be tweaked via software of course.


The major parts are


Some possible features to be added
  • "remember" the current settings so that a power cycle will reset the unit to the previous state
  • wireless control via the XBee module
  • program custom RGB values via the front panel (no computer needed)

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