Sunday, December 16, 2012

BeagleBoard xM in the Lab

Yesterday, I received a BeagleBoard xM in the mail.
Beagleboard xM connected and running
The BeagleBoard xM is an inexpensive fully functional solid state computer on small 3 inch square circuit board. Powered by 5 volts it has the ability to run various open source operating systems (Linux being the most common). Some hardware features are:

  • four USB ports
  • ethernet port
  • HDMI out (for monitor)
  • S-video out (for monitor)
  • audio in
  • audio out
  • serial port
  • SD card reader (acts as the computers "hard drive")

The Beagleboard Display (using S-Video), browsing the BeagleBoard website.
I plugged in a monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, and connected 5V power and it booted up fine. It all just works.

I am mulling over ideas on how this can be used for the boat's electronic projects. This is purely a research and investigation exercise at the moment.

More later.

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