Saturday, December 29, 2012

Radio Controller Development Environment

Here is a block diagram of hardware and connections being used to develop and test my little radio controller "magic box".
Hardware devices and connections
The PC, running the dev tools and terminal program is used to upload and download freshly compiled firmware to the Arduino UNO. This is uses the one and only hardware serial port on the UNO.

An RS-232 serial connection connects the ICOM CT-17 box, TenTec RX320 and Kenwood TM-D700A to the Arduino. These are connected using the "SoftwareSerial" UNO driver which allows any two available digital pins to work as an RS-232 serial port. Using SoftwareSerial is ok for sending data OUT to the radio, but there seems to be issues when reading data IN, like when detecting a response to a command.

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